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Reconstructive Virtual Implant Surgery and Dentistry

CAD/CAM Bioengineering and Dental Science

Virtual Digital Imaging for Medical Practitioners

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Virtual Reality, as a concept, has been in existence now for quite some time. The engineering sciences created it, causing one of the biggest ripples in adaptation for practically all of the engineering and design sciences.

The field of Medicine, as we all know, adapted digital and virtual imaging quite readily, as evidenced by today's modern CatScan and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) that is becoming as common as an aspirin tablet.

Virtual Digital Imaging for Dentistry Practitioners

Two well known firms in the field of dentistry have been innovative in developing adaptations of virtual imaging that now enables dentists to diagnose and treatment plan a vast number of surgical solutions that were practically impossible to accurately perform just a few short years ago.

Materialise: SimPlant and SurgiGuides

Materialise developed the first interactive 3D computer imaging software environment that is routinely used for dental implant planning. Their system perfects the process of achieving accurate placements of implants that are used for individual tooth replacement or for more complex treatments for multiple teeth.

By using diagnostic CatScans, precision data is used to create the Materialise SurgiGuide for the dentist to use for obtaining the best possible implant placement for a patient. SurgiGuides provide the flexibility of implant surgeons being able to use virtually any brand of implant device available.

Nobel BioCare: NobelGuide

Multimedia Video Presentation
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Nobel Biocare developed a similar system for implant planning and offers the NobelGuide, a CAD/CAM engineering template used by dentists to assure accurate placement. This system was incorporated into their Teeth In An Hour product, a hybrid solution for edentulous patients.

Click here to watch and hear an actual implant surgery video that briefly demonstrates the use of a NobelGuide template on an edentulous lower jaw. The video material is provided by Dr. James Sanderson, Birmingham Alabama.

coDiagnostiX Virtual Treatment Planning Technology

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An independent software product, the coDiagnostiX software technologies provides a 3-D interface that permits the usage of diffent types of CT scans and Cone Beam scans (most accurate), enabling the doctor and patient to conduct Virtual Treatment Planning.

The ability to assess jawbone integrity three dimensionally enables to the doctor to determine and plan for any need for bone grafts prior to implant placement. Implant placement is planned with the efficiency that only 3-D modeling software can achieve.

Technical data generated by the virtual treatment planning is used to design and fabricate implant surgical (drilling) guides that assure the most accurate or perfect placement of implant devices.

Virtual Surgery for Dental Procedures

Specialized computer software enables implant surgeons to assess all of the critical areas of the maxillary and mandibular bone structures. The precision imaging helps doctors to not only determine the best possible implant sites but also permit the assessment of need for bone augmentation (grafting) that will optimize predictability ratios.

The entire process of assessment, treatment planning, selection of implant devices and final restoration products is achieved "virtually" before treatment even begins. Patients benefit from being able to visualize, fully, current state of need and final outcome possibilities, based on their choice of restoration components (types of crowns, abutments, shape, color shading, size, etc).

No other dental technology offers this degree of potential for eliminating "treatment surprises."

Current State of the Art in Imaging: More Precision

Dental Implantology
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New Cone Beam types of scanning devices have been developed recently that have leap frogged the level of accuracy and precision data collection and mapping that was enabled by current CAT Scan technology.

Patient sit in a chair, rather than being moved through the typical CatScan apparatus. The scanning device revolves around the seated patient, in much the same fashion as a Panoramic Xray machine commonly used by dentists.

Radiation is reduced significantly ... 95%. The Cone Beam Slices are a fraction of what Medical Scanners produce. Typically 150 microns in thickness, versus 1000 microns (one millimeter) that is produced by the average CatScan device. Resolution is 500 percent greater.

Dental Implantology
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This new CAT Scan standard now enables experienced dental surgeons to perform reconstructive dentistry and tissue grafting procedures with stunning accuracy.

High Resolution Imagery: Foundation for Virtual Surgery

More and more dental practices that focus on implant dentistry are now able to assess, diagnose and treatment plan with a variety of reconstructive and restorative choices that are almost limitless.

EasyGuide 3-D Treatment Planning Software

Virtual Treatment Plans
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Demonstration of EasyGuide treatment planning software used with different types of imaging data generated by traditional CatScans and newer Cone Beam imaging equipment. Software products enable implant dentistry specialists and implantologists to locate best or most suitable areas of jawbone for implant placement. Video produced by Keystone Dental.

Finding a Virtual Dentistry Practice

More dental practices specializing in Teeth-In-An-Hour (NobelGuides) and/or SimPlant SurgiGuides can be found in the new Guided Implants Directory.

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